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Year End Planning Opens the Gate to a Better New Year

This post marks the start of a new series for this blog. The goal of the series is to work through the planning process for small to mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, in the hope that I can help sort out some of the more beneficial ways to go about this planning process so it will actually show a return on the investment of time and effort.

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Establishing a Board of Advisors for Your Company

There is a painting on the wall of the main conference room in my law office. It comes from the cover of the October 1939 edition of Fortune magazine, and was painted by Antonio Petruccelli. The painting is square. Within

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All I Want for Christmas is The Perfect Business Start-up Checklist

Not every business start-up checklist will work for every business. They can be a great time saver but they can also mislead. I’ve assembled a few of them here, along with a cautionary tale about their use.

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Picking the Right Name for Your Company

Picking a company name is both a science and an art form for several reasons. Before you even contact a lawyer to help set up your company legal structure, I strongly suggest using a Google or other extensive online search, for the word, word combination, and meta tag names you are interested in using for your company name. I also strongly recommend doing at least your own trademark search to make sure another company has not registered a similar name in the same category of business. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has quite a bit of good information on trademarks, which are important to protect your name and to help ensure the name you choose does not infringe on one already registered by someone else.

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Preparing for a Transition in Your Business

Tips on steps and strategies for managing a transition in your business.

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Eliminating the Pain with a Lean Business Model

Looking at “obvious” lean business models, one has to wonder why a budding entrepreneur would pursue a business model that called for large sums of money, long term obligations, including enormous fixed expenses, when there are other business models out there.

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Beautiful Strategy; Deadly Execution

Some companies may be creating the seeds of their own destruction, while engaged in an effort to improve efficiency and their own bottom line. The bottom line, however, could be terminating their customer base, and in turn, themselves.

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