Lessons I Learned Today 5/1/09 – Adaptive persistence

Here is a recap of highlights from articles and discussions posted on the Applied Entrepreneurship group site on LinkedIn.

Four Ways to Use “Pull” to Increase Your Success by John Hagel III

Find the ability to attract people and resources you didn’t previously know existed.

Make your passion your profession.

Serendipity works best when we extend the edges of our social networks.

Social networks can draw us to emerging spikes of complementary talent.

Our passions can motivate us to seek out people who can help us get better faster.

By adopting new tools and services we can improve the value we get during time spent looking for what we want and need.

Serendipity tools may prove helpful by connecting us to people and resources we don’t yet know exist.

*Six Ways to Build Your Brand Through Customer Service by Anand Subramaniam

Aligning customer service and your brand is an essential but under-used way to attract and retain customers, differentiate the business, and boost brand loyalty. It can create a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Launch a brand-aligned customer service initiative to make sure it is implemented across customer-facing and back-office operations.

High-touch brands should design processes that emphasize human-assisted customer service over self-service.

Non-intrusive brands should refrain from aggressive in-person or live chat customer service.

Self-service tools, such as a sophisticated guided-help knowledge base systems, provide a great opportunity to further build the brand.

Use brand-aligned metrics.

Unify customer interactions and knowledge bases into common platforms, so customers won’t face Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as they go from one agent to another.

*Fending off the Recession with “Adaptive Persistence” by Christopher Gergen

The key theme from interviews with 55 leading business and social entrepreneurs is “adaptive persistence.”

“Entrepreneurs find a way to make things work, no matter the obstacles.”

That doesn’t mean “being bull-headed and knocking on the same door over and over,” but rather, “going around the back door one day and the side door the next,” until they find the right way in.

What I Think

There are all sorts of new technologies out there which can provide a unique way to reach not only your known customers, but to also locate those potential customers you don’t even think about yet. Twitter is one of these, which I had somewhat discounted until I read a few of these recent articles.

There are certain types of business, and certain ways to conduct business, which can really take advantage of these new technologies. On the other hand, the core strategies of entrepreneurship still apply and should never be forgotten in the excitement of discovering new marketing techniques.

Make sure you understand what your customers want and find a way to consistently provide them with it. Their view of your business should be uniformly excellent.

Persistence is always going to be a key. It can be squandered by coming up with an idea or product you want to sell your customer, rather than studying what they want and need, and then spending your innovative juices figuring out the most efficient or novel way to provide them with it.


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If you enjoyed my impression of these articles, why don’t you read them for yourself and see what you and I missed or hit? Join the Applied Entrepreneurship group on LinkedIn. Membership is free and I try to post about ten articles a day there. We have some great discussions going and if you are an entrepreneur, we hope you will join us.

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