A New Direction


Today I am starting in a new direction for this blog. I had previously used it periodically to talk about knowledge management issues, technology, intellectual property, and related business issues. Another passion, however, has overtaken my ability to maintain a blog with the focus mentioned above.

The new focus is the application of entrepreneurship to rebooting our economy. There is so much inertia in the economy now, while great ideas go unfunded or energy is devoted to simply paying the bills, I thought it worth a try to get a great core group of entrepreneurs together to try to make some things happen.

I have asked some key individuals to join the Applied Entrepreneurship group I started in late February of 2009 on the LinkedIn network, who I believe: 1) are not afraid; 2) can find deals or already have deals worth pursuing; 3) know how to put opportunities and tools together; and 4) can apply entrepreneurial skills and experience to actually make the deals happen.

With over 50 new members in the first 48 hours, we have already created a network to start that process. We now have members in more than a dozen countries and continue to grow rapidly. As we create success stories, I believe we can create an even larger and more powerful hive of entrepreneurial activity.

I’m looking for more people to start posting the missing elements they need to create a deal, as well as those who know what those missing elements are and are willing to share that knowledge. I’m looking for those who know others who may have any of the missing puzzle pieces, and are willing to help bring those folks into the network. I’m also looking for innovative ways to manage the network in order to maximize the flow of information from those who have it to those who need it and can use it. I’m looking for innovation and focused energy to apply to make the deals happen. This is applied entrepreneurship.

Pretty much every day, I post about ten or so articles on the Applied Entrepreneurship site about various aspects of entrepreneurship, including tools, techniques, interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and other resources. At this point, although I only started the group in late February, I have posted nearly 500 articles on this theme.

We now have established the critical membership mass to have meaningful discussions within this LinkedIn network group, and those discussions are becoming a very valuable asset of membership. I plan to refocus this blog on lessons to be learned from the news articles I’m posting and the discussions. I hope it will provide another facet to the effort to reboot our economy, help members start or grow their businesses, and provide a sustainable source of reference value to entrepreneurs.

If you are an entrepreneur or would like to be, please join us in the Applied Entrepreneurship group in the LinkedIn network. Find the group there and click on “join.” Please mention how you learned about the Applied Entrepreneurship group and you will receive a confirmation of membership.

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