Election Law Web Site Created by American Bar Association

The American Bar Association has created a special Web site devoted to election laws and resources. The site posts state-by-state election law statutes accessible from an interactive election law map. It also contains an election law manual for trial judges, a support link for the many trial judges who may soon be hearing election law disputes, and a link to a section with video lectures on election law issues, which were  assembled by The National Center for State Courts in conjunction with the law school of The College of William & Mary. The manual contains material related to tallying ballots, recounts, and post-election challenges.


The ABA site’s frequently asked facts section contains articles such as how do I register to vote; when absentee ballots can be used; what to do if a mistake is made on the ballot; what to do if your vote is challenged; and how to vote if you live outside the United States.


The site also contains free elementary, middle, and high school lesson plans, in-depth materials on “issues and debates that continue to shape election law today,” a quiz to test your knowledge of past elections, and links to political party, candidate, and additional voter websites.


Amidst stories of thousands of lawyers lining up on each side of the presidential election this year, the ABA is preparing for an onslaught of election litigation. Since much of this litigation is filed in state courts, the ABA felt it important to amass material which might be helpful to state court judges, who will be pressured to make quick but extremely important decisions on these issues.

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